What is the problem?

When a person is suffering from a mental illness, what exactly is the problem? Is it something in the brain? Or is it an anomaly from the soul? Or maybe demons are responsible? Well, the problem can be any of those. And yes, it can be demonic. But the beautiful thing is the fact that you have the ability to get rid of the problem whichever kind it is. How good you enjoy sound health is not in the hands of anybody – not in the hands of your parents, not in the hands of your doctor, not in the hands of the government, not even in God’s hands. Your health is in your hands. In case you are thinking how come it’s not in God’s hands, let me make that clear. God has a prepared way to be followed but you have to choose to roll with him or not. And you also choose to what extent you want to roll with him.

Many would say they don’t know why they are depressed. Some would have a reason. To others, it has become an habit or an attitude that is a necessary part of their everyday life. So, what’s the problem? The problem is information – what you’ve experienced, what you heard, what you keep hearing, what you’ve seen, or what you keep seeing. In many cases it is difficult to change or erase the information causing the mental breakdown but there is another way to go about it.

If you have a glass cup filled with dirty water and you want clean water in the cup without actively pouring the dirty water away, all you need is to ensure you have a good amount of clean water. If you keep pouring the clean water into the cup and then it starts overflowing, with time the water in the cup will get cleaner and cleaner. All you have to do is just to keep pouring the clean water in. It may seem impossible to achieve 100% clean water in the cup but 97% is very possible and that’s good enough for the water to be put to good use. It’s the same with your mind – if you want to alter the state of your mental health, start pouring in superior information healthy to your mind.

The problem of a lot of people with mental health challenges is that they receive a barrage of terrible information that demeans throughout the day and there’s no good stuff coming in. To give an illusion of good stuff coming in, they turn to entertainment. The problem is that the best of entertainment cannot go beyond the surface as good information. And of course, the entertainment itself many times contribute to the negative information.

Change what you listen to and change your life. How you will be 5 years from now is dependent on the information you are receiving into your life today. And the information you receive is your choice. How do you find information healthy to the mind? First, have a firm idea of what you’re looking for in your mind. Then seek for it. The one who seeks always finds.

Reason to be mentally sound: because it is up to you and because it’s the right choice


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