Look up

If you are having a mental health challenge today, whichever kind it is, your problem is not what you are experiencing. If you are looking at what you are feeling, you will keep having a wrong perspective of it. Your real problem is what you are doing for a living. As long as you continue in that everyday routine of your life, you can take a million drugs and visits to the doctor, things will not improve.

You have to understand what the problem really is. It might not be what you do for a living that brought the depression or anxiety or the disorder, but if you have been a long time in that case then your responsibility (as work) is allowing your situation continue. I’m not saying you should quit your job, I’m only saying that you should start thinking your way into something better. Eventually you may have to quit, but find something else to do first. And this time look  for something you connect a sense of purpose to, not where they can pay you. What you find may not require you to quit your job if you work in a very sane organization.

Stop killing yourself, instead look up and live.

Reason to be mentally sound: because there’s a place for you where you will be appreciated – find it


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