Do you want to be well?

This title reminds me of a very interesting story in the bible. Jesus was walking through a particular place one time where there was a lot of sick people hoping to get well. In that place there was a river which when stirred by the angel of the Lord, the first person who gets inside will be cured of their infirmity. On this particular day, Jesus went to a man who has been on the river bank for 38 long years. And Jesus asked him, ‘do you want to be well?’ Now, here begins the interesting part for me. You would think the man would say ‘yes’ or ‘please help me’ or ‘please wait with me’ or something that shows his willingness to be healed. But no, this man started complaining, ‘every time I want to get into the river, another person gets in before me’ and he went on like that. This just shows why he was in that condition for almost 4 decades. He was probably bitter, angry and seeking sympathy or empathy. His family and friends finally abandoned him because in his complaint he said he has no one to help him.

Now my point is this, he was asked the question ‘do you want to get well?’ How does that warrant a story or complaint? The man never said yes and he didn’t even suggest it in his response. Anyway, Jesus had compassion on him and healed him. But what if he wasn’t in the days when Jesus walked the street of Jerusalem? He probably would have died in that condition. Did you see that? If you have any health challenge today, my question for you is this – do you want to be well? And please just say yes.

It is important for you to be willing to live an healthy life. And living an healthy life comes with a responsibility. It is important that you are ready to take the responsibility. It is important that you look at life with a heart and desire to make something good happen in this world. If you seek to be recognized with your illness, you probably will never get well and may die because of that condition. If you desire to be well, do what well people do. I’m not saying you should pretend like there’s no pain or problem but instead take forward steps despite what you feel.

If you are waiting to feel better before you take forward steps, you will never make progress. But if you take forward steps and keep progressing, your feelings will align with time. Forward steps is finding something responsible to do with your life, something you connect a sense of purpose to. Therefore, choose life.

Reason to be mentally sound: to stop being a burden to those around you both physically and emotionally


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