Do you want to live or you want to keep dying?

One of the things I do in my spare time is to get on my wordpress app, find people that have issues with mental health and read one or more of their posts. Depending on how I perceive the person through the writing, I might comment. Most of the time, I have something to say on the comment thread but the comments already present and the disposition of the writer can tell me it’s better not to.

There is a way a person talks about his problems that shows you the person doesn’t want a change. It’s more like a principle. The problem you have created a bond with (with your words) cannot leave your life until you detach it from your life. And for that to happen, you need to attach something else in place of the problem so that the detachment of the problem can be permanent.

When a person is poor, what does he need? Don’t answer too quickly. Think about it. If a person is poor, how will he come out of his poverty. As long as this man sees himself poor, it doesn’t matter what happens to him, he will always tend to a state of lack. But you know, the poor man can be so connected to “his” poverty that bringing him out is virtually impossible. It’s the same with health problems. Why a person addresses a problem as “my” xyz, there is a great difficulty. My question to you is this – do you want to live or you want to keep dying?

You feel you are dying and you know you are dying, you know life is edging you in gradually. Do you want to go down in style or you want to stay up no matter what it takes? If you want to live, then we have something in common. But if what you want is empathy or sympathy, people will give that to you. Just remember, one day you will be tired of the attention, one day your desire will change, one day it will hit you so hard and you will realize that you really want to live. Believe me, there’s nothing happy about death.

Whether you live or continue dying is your choice and your choice is seen not just in what you say about yourself but also in the simple decisions you make every day. Talk about what you want to see in your life, not what is staring at you. Words are life, words make things grow. If you keep talking big about your illness, it will grow. But if you take your gaze away from that to something purposeful, you will live.

Reason to be mentally sound: so that you can be 100% fit for a responsible life


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