Do this and be well

What is the one thing you have to do or what is the one thing you can do that can make all the difference? What can you do that can put an end to all this things you are experiencing? What can you do that can halt the incessant visits to the doctor? Perhaps you are tired of taking drugs or maybe the expense of it is just wearing you out. You are not made to suffer. God has a plan for your life.

If God says for you to get well you must go and sleep in a graveyard for a week, would you do it? If God says for you to get well you should eat cow dung for a day, would you do it? If God says for you to get well you should sell your most prized property and burn the cash, would you do it? If God says for you to get well you should walk naked from a very public part of your neighborhood to another part in complete daylight every day for a week, would you do it? What extent are you ready to go to be well?

If you can do any of these things or if you would consider any of these things then it shouldn’t be hard for you to do what God actually says. All the things mentioned earlier are not things God is asking you to do but what God is asking can be just as difficult. All God wants is this – live for him and put him first in your life. It means to make his concern your primary assignment or work in this world. Let his interest have the preeminence over your choices, your decisions and your actions. That’s all he is asking for. God is saying, do for me and you will live in the reality of what I have done for you. Do God’s own first.

What is God’s paramount and fundamental interest? It is that people know him and become acquainted with his truth. How then do you make that the primary concern of your life? There are many ways to do that but one that you can quickly and easily tap into immediately is to financially support an avenue you believe that God’s gospel is being spread. Make it the first thing out of your paycheck and let it be your primary concern. It must be a ministry that you believe in that is making more people know God and get acquainted with his truth. There are lots of them around the world. Let God direct you to one and start giving out of what you have (not what you don’t have). As a giver who has experienced great things I’ll give you a tip – don’t give God what doesn’t cost you. If what you are giving is not hurting you financially, you are not doing it right yet. As simple as this is, it will make a dramatic difference in your life. It’ll work better than any drug, only remember that your heart must be in what you are doing. And don’t let anything stop you from doing it because your life depends on it.

Remember, if he asked you to go to a forest and hang yourself upside down naked for two days and all your troubles will be over, you would do it wouldn’t you? Now this is what he asks of you, why don’t you just do it?

Reason to be mentally sound: God has something you can do for him


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