Why are you depressed?

You are depressed because you are involved in something with your life and it is wearing you out because it has no substantial lasting impact and you know you should be doing more (or perhaps something else) but you don’t know what to do.

What you call depression is not a problem at all, it’s your heart (not the organ of the body) trying to get your attention that what you’re doing or where you are is not what or where you are supposed to. Of course, you can’t just leave where you are and start wandering. What you need first is knowledge and then when you know and are convinced with what you know, you can act and know that your actions are in the right direction.

It’s very important where your gaze is. You cannot be the same person you’ve been with depression after you come out. In fact, it’s not really that your depression stops, it’s that you become a person of more quality. When the change occurs, the thoughts that used to come and sink your mind down will still come, the difference now is those thoughts won’t mean what they used to mean to you. You’d have outgrown it (of course, not by age). It’s you that changes, not the thoughts, not the ideas. But if you don’t want a change in your life at all, then your life is in your hands.

I have lots of good stuff to share to inspire mental health restoration, so if you know someone that needs these words be sure to bring them here. It might just make all the difference in their lives.

Reason to be mentally sound: you don’t like to remain mentally challenged, do you?


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