Blogging to let off steam

Your words constitute a fundamental element to the progress of your life. It also determines the direction of the progress of your life. Your words either make you or break you. When many realize that their words is not leading them in the direction they want to go in life, they try to change the words. The problem is, what they believe in their hearts has not changed, so even though there is a difference in their words, the difference doesn’t go deep or last long. That is because they don’t believe the things they are saying. But if you believe first and then speak sincerely according to your belief, it’s always phenomenal.

Words are expressions from your soul. And you can use it to arrange or rearrange the state of your mind concerning any matter. And many times people with challenges like depression and anxiety often come to tipping points where they have to let off steam (when the challenges are still big). At that point it is possible to use media like blogging to let off steam. However, for that to be effective, there are things you might need to put in perspective:

1) You must understand that you are writing for you and not necessarily for someone else, so writing it must be what gives you relief, not people’s likes or comments.

2) Do not seek sympathy or empathy. If you do, you will feel worse especially when nobody responds.

3) Talk more to the problem than about the problem. It’s usually good when you sound poetic, if you write in that line.

4) Don’t try to remove the speck in another person’s eye or the world’s eye when you have a log in your own.

5) Be sincere and expressive. Let off as much steam as you can, but be careful with the details – this is a small world.

6) Speak comfort and encouragement to yourself and most likely end on that note. Talk about your confident assurance of hope to yourself. It’s more like preaching to yourself.

7) When you are through, read it to yourself. It has to feel like something heavy is off you. You should feel lighter. If there’s no change or the burden increases, then there is something wrong about what you have written. Probably, you’ve not been sincere.

This doesn’t solve the problem but it sure helps vent off steam from time to time while you are working towards the solution.

Reason to be mentally sound: because you have a right to be mentally sound.


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