What is a normal person like?

There is no such thing as measurement where there is no measuring standard. For example, if you say the length of a box is 5 meters, the meter is the standard that makes that measurement mean something to you. The meter has a fixed definition in quantity that makes it a standard in the measurement of length or distance. The same is applicable in the social world. For you to quantify or define any thing, there has to be a standard. To be sick cannot be defined until a standard of health for every human is established. To be mentally disoriented cannot be defined until we establish the definition of mental soundness.

The challenges that you experience that became a mental health issue for you are not exclusive to you. Problems are a part of life. There are two choices – you either find a problem you like and go and meet it or you go the easy way and allow any problem to find you. I live by the first model – I look for the problem I like and go to embrace it. The issue with many people is that they think problems are not a necessary part of life and hence go looking for the path of ease. The thing is, without knowing they have chosen the second model. And the trouble with the second model is that the problem that will come and collide with you is usually the most dreadful and annoying. You cannot escape problems in this life, so the wise thing to do is to choose your problem because that gives you control.

The challenges that comes to collide with you (if you live by the second model) will most likely bring disorientation to you because you were not prepared for them. The normal person is not someone without problems, rather he is someone who will not allow his mind to be swayed or overwhelmed by whatever it is he encounters. If your mind is going to be calm and at peace, it won’t be because there no problems or issues to deal with, rather it will be because you have made the choice and taken the decisions necessary to be mentally sound.

Reason to be mentally sound: if almost every other human has their mental health sound, then you ought to also.


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