The key to life

Having considered a lot more cases of people who have mental health challenges, both those who admit it and those who don’t, one thing is clear – they see life backwards. When you have a backward perspective to life, your life can only keep sinking. And it doesn’t matter whether it is by mental illness or physical illness, death begins to fasten its fangs. Death is not accidental neither is death sudden. Death is gradual. Sickness is incipient death. And what do you think is the greatest bait of sickness? Hard work that wears out the soul.

You are either living or dying. You are living if your life is contributing something tangible to other people (and the world in general) by the singular story of your life. You are dying or killing yourself when you are using your body and soul in a purposeless venture (for you) just because they have the money to pay you. My advice? Stop killing yourself and find an avenue where you can live. Believe me, there are avenues to live but if you won’t get out of that cycle of death, you may never see it. And getting out begins from your mind.

You can’t live by the ideas of other people, you have to have your own governing information for life otherwise your life will be a big mess. What is the greatest of all then? It’s glaring! God has demonstrated it and he showed us that it is the key to life. The key to life is giving. And by giving I don’t mean sharing, having, making a name for yourself, exchanging, or donating.

God wanted to reveal himself to the world. He used so many methods even though he knew they’ll fail to reveal him accurately. But he used them because he wants man to be able to trace the story and discover the true essence of what he was going to do after he has done it. The act that saved mankind or the act that revealed God to mankind was an act of giving. God gave his all so that we can realize that the path of life is giving and giving when you give your all.

If you are suffering from an illness today perhaps it’s mental or even physical, you don’t need to seek how to fix the problem. Give your life a worthy cause and walk in God’s footsteps. Act like God, give up your own life. Remember the words of Jesus that says he who loves his life will lose it and he that loses it will find it.

Reason to be mentally sound: wouldn’t you rather live a sickness-free life?


2 thoughts on “The key to life

    1. It’s not about giving what you think you have at the moment. It’s about finding a worthy cause that you can give all of yourself into.

      As long as you know what you doing (in knowledge), you shouldn’t take your sister very serious

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