You are not a physical body

The things that I share with you on this blog is not the advice of a professional, it is not knowledge based on experience, neither is it the professional view of a medical expert. I believe in life and I believe in living life to the full. Illness of any kind does not come to make friends with you. Sickness is incipient death. Some say that when a child is born, the child begins a race to the grave. But that is not always true. It is not true because in the course of the race you can change direction. Does that mean it is possible for a person not to die? Well, there are many questions to answer before that. But for the curious I have an alternate question – why did Jesus die and what did he die to achieve?

Ignorance is one of the fundamental roots of many problems in life. And if you look at that word carefully, you see that the root word is ‘ignore’. What does it mean to ignore? It means to choose to neglect. The things you’re ignorant about are not the things that never occurred to you rather they are the things you choose to neglect (probably in place of other things that got your attention). What are the things that have your attention? What things have you chosen to neglect? Do you seek to learn what matters or your attention is swayed by trends all the time? Have you ever sort to know why the man (the human) is the way he is? I know you must have wondered but have you sort to know? Is it not important? The thing is, life doesn’t care whether you took the classes or not, but you are sure writing the exams.

I want to talk today about your physical body. My knowledge is from what the message of the bible shows. Man (meaning the human person in all of this context) is not a physical body. You are not a physical body. You have to accept this statement otherwise you’ll keep wondering why you keep getting the same results with whatever it is you do. Your physical body is terrestrial. It is of the earth. It’s like a space suit (this time, earth suit) that without it your existence is erased from the face of the earth. The body has cells, tissues, organs, systems and the whole thing works like one big automated factory organization.

Every process in your body has a rhythm and a frequency. Your body is alive because you live in it. When the person inside a body goes out, the body shuts down. Your body is alive as a distinct entity separate and apart from you. Meaning that your body is a living thing aside from you even though it’s your presence in the body that makes it alive. This means your body can want something you don’t want. Your body talks to you. And the voice of your physical body is called feelings.

Sometimes you grant the wants of your body, other times you deprive it for other reasons. Here is the catch, you are supposed to own and control your body. If your body owns you, it’s a terrible thing. That’s because if you allow your body, it will destroy itself by its desires and of course you will be cut off from the face of the earth in the process. You need to believe, accept and understand this truth about your body. You are not your body, you are the person that lives inside your body. When you see this way, you will really begin to understand what is going on in your life and be able to make the right decision every time you need to make a choice. You have the right to dictate to your body, but if you don’t know this, your body will dictate for you and you will be scrambling for air in your life.

Your body is your property – own it, use it but don’t abuse it. Your body is your pet, it is not you. If you are hungry for example, you are not the one hungry because you cannot be hungry. Rather it is your body that is asking for food. This is the right way to see your body. I hope this teaches you something about illnesses too.

Reason to be mentally sound: so that you can take proper charge of your life and all that matters to you


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