Getting out of the mud

You are more likely to get out of any illness bothering you at the moment if you have something you plan to do in the future that’s strong enough to keep you awake on a night you’re tired. Where you will be can be determined by what you are looking at for the next few years of your life. If there’s nothing in particular that you’re looking towards to do with your life, then it can be hard to get out of a present mud you are in.

What do you think life is for? Listen carefully, your life is not for you. If you live for yourself, you will find life very hard. Don’t live for yourself. Your life is for you to be sincerely useful to another person. It is not to gain fame for yourself or a false sense of purpose. A false sense of purpose is something you’re doing or involved in that seems to be a good cause but it makes no difference or adds no tangible value to the life of someone else. So before you think you’re making a difference, put yourself in the shoes of someone who is on the receiving end of what you’re doing and ask the question – how is this being a benefit to me? There are lots of things that are a false sense of purpose today. And the problem is that they’re the most celebrated. It is difficult to minister life to yourself when life is not going through you to another person.

It is easy to condition your mind and body to life when life is going out of you to affect another person positively and tangibly. But selfishness can only make things worse. If your life is sinking and you desperately want to get out , don’t look at the mud (sinking your life), don’t play with the mud, instead look at the tree or branch that you can hold on to and get out of the mud.

Reason to be mentally sound: to live a life full of life


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