Believe this and live

Your understanding of 3 things determines how you live your life. And how you live your life determines the events and responses of your life. These three things are God, life and you. I’d like to show you 10 true statements that give a fundamental basis of life that if you believe them and live every day like they are true, your life will be very positively different from what it is now.

The first 4 is about God
1) God already has a plan and provision for your own life
2) God has done everything he will ever do for you. Whether you experience it (and how much you experience it) or not, is up to you
3) God’s already prepared provision cannot get to you until you rise up to the reality of what God wants
4) God doesn’t exist for you, you exist for him and ought to live for him

The next 3 is about life
5) How not to do the wrong thing is not how to do the right thing
6) Just because you don’t know what the right choice is doesn’t mean you won’t suffer for making the wrong choice
7) The ultimate purpose of life is making more people know about God’s provision

The last 3 is about you
8) You are not a physical body rather, you live in a physical body
9) Your parents didn’t bring you into this world. Yes, they conceived and were expecting a baby but they had no idea it was going to be you
10) You grow and are built by what you know

These are simple facts to be known to arrange yourself for a better and greater life. If what you believe becomes hinged on these things, your words and expressions will change. And when that change occurs, your life, your health, everything about you will never remain the same.

Reason to be mentally sound: a beautiful life awaits your recognition


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