Deciding to be well

What would you do if you had no mental health challenge? What is your challenge depriving you of? (Has it ever occurred to you that this might just be the problem?) Where will you go? What will you do? What is there for you to achieve? Now don’t compare yourself with other people. And don’t try to make general claims and assumptions concerning what you want to do.

Someone says mental health issues make people not to go to school, get a job etc. But maybe, just maybe it is the fear or apprehension of what life holds in the future with the schooling, getting a job etc., that creates the disruptive state of the mind. Maybe the pressure on you from everybody is high and you don’t think you can ever live up to expectation. And so because of that, you unconsciously created an illness that gives you a viable excuse.

Very rarely would you find cases of depression, anxiety and mental disorders in third world remote environments. Where there is no societal pressure, people don’t suffer these mental torments. It’s so bad that if you ask some people with these issues whether they want to be well, you’ll get a yes answer. But whenever you try to help the person out, you’ll see the manifestation of the fear within. For such people, until that fear is dissipated, they will never move from that spot in their lives.

So what do you need if you are this way? It’s light – you need to know life differently and then a certain hope or assurance of success in life. Meaning that you know you’re able to get beyond the point of people’s expectation of you. Thoughts that can give you a perspective and fortitude on that I have classed on this blog in the category called ‘special’. Read, understand, believe and live.

Reason to be mentally sound: because it is possible for you to live a successful, inspiring life.


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