When most people think of antidepressants, they think of drugs. But we know that those things really don’t solve the problem, especially in the long run. What they do is that they disconnect the wreck in the soul from the outward life. Or they distract the outward life connection to the deep end of the soul by creating a fancy distraction producing a sweet, temporary activity in the body.

Another form of antidepressant is comedy. Many times people use entertainment and comedic performances to let their mind off away from a present condition. Of all the forms of entertainment, comedy stands out here because it provokes laughter. And laughter generates a good sensation to the soul and to the body. The issue here is that the problem is not being solved, the mind is just taken off of it for a while. The laughter is a good vibe but it doesn’t do much because the actual problem has big roots. And there is yet another issue with comedy, the laughter doesn’t go down deep enough. Laughter from comedy is simply not that rich. The rich laughter is the unstoppable laughter of triumph.

So what antidepressant is the good one? Doing something remarkably good for a total stranger. Meeting the everyday need of people without being inquired especially when you don’t let the recipient know you did it and just watch the reaction on their faces. Now, this is not trying to please a friend or doing surprises for a crush. This has to be a stranger and you probably should not get the recognition and credit for it but you might need to watch the grateful expression of the recipient. This is not something you plan to do, this is something that you just seize the opportunity. Opportunities like this presents itself day by day. And if you can see it and take advantage of it, it will give you something sweet to think about when you sit alone at night waiting to fall asleep.

It’s an opportunity thing and everybody that gets that opportunity. There are those ones where you just have to be seen and acknowledged. And they can bring you the best relationships you can ever think of. There are many examples of this. I heard of a man who would pay a road toll for the next 5 cars after him without having a clue who they are. Nothing is insignificant. Paying for stuff for strangers works a lot especially when the strangers are kids, or elderly people. Simple things like this will make your day different and will serve the purpose of an antidepressant.

Reason to be mentally sound: you can put a smile on someone’s face


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