Don’t live for yourself

Your life has to have a purpose. Otherwise you are not better than animals that roam the forest who are born, live out their lifespan and die. You ar not an animal and so don’t live like one. Your life has to have an impact in a specific way. This is where your focus should be. If you keep looking at yourself and how life could be better for you, you will drown yourself in your thoughts. Instead of this, look beyond yourself. Look at the need ravaging another person’s life and reach out to meet that need.

It’s easy to make excuses like, ‘they won’t appreciate my effort’, ‘I will mess it up’, ‘it won’t work’. But you need to remember that when you reach out to help others in their need, it’s for your own good also. There are cases where you have to seek permission before you go ahead. But whatever it is you do to meet the need (not wants) of someone else, whether it is appreciated by the person or not, is significant. And by it, you are a better person.

Life would be awkward if there is only one person in the world.  There will be no opportunities for the person to reach out and meet the need of someone else. If you have seen another person, you have gotten a glimpse of your purpose. It is meaningless to live just for yourself. Don’t die like the little fish in the ocean, touch the lives of people. And begin that with those around you.

The problem of many people concerning reaching out in help is that they do it to meet wants, to win approval, to make or secure beneficial friendships. This is what produces heartache when it fails. When you reach out to really help someone in need, the person may resent you or even push you away. But if the person permits you, it’s something that brings life to your own soul.

Seek to reach out to someone in need today. This is different from giving sympathy or empathy. Don’t seek to meet the heart desire of the person (you are not God), and don’t try to force yourself on the person. Stick to what you know you can, don’t profess a result that you can’t deliver. Go gently and tread carefully. Offer sincere, honest help that is a tangible resolution to the matter at hand. Recognize what you can do and what is beyond your jurisdiction. Reach out to meet a need of someone this week.

Reason to be mentally sound: you can’t be a true giver and be depressed


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