God needs you

For me, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to everything. There is no question I have that I don’t have an answer to through the gospel. This makes me particularly concerned when I find people searching for answers vaguely and then profess to know the gospel. It’s one thing to have heard about Jesus, it’s another thing to be acquainted with his gospel. But what does this have to do with mental health?

I don’t understand how medicine can be an answer to a mental health issue. I believe that mental health issues are not anomalies of the brain. The brain is not the mind of a person, rather the brain connects the mind with the body. That is what the bible shows. There is nothing wrong with the physical body, even the brain is (many times) seen to be in a good condition, so why is the thought always to certain chemicals (that is, drugs). Maybe because most people have not recognized the difference between feeling better and being better.

What takes place in your physical body is only a reflection of what is happening with the real you inside the body. The question to you now is this – do you want to fix the problem or you want to try to ignore it? It’s like driving a car down a road where you still have a long drive ahead of you. And then suddenly you get a warning on your dashboard that your fuel tank is near empty. Then, you get an hammer out and break the dashboard and then destroy the fuel gauge. Or you break the pointer and make it point to full tank. Of course, you won’t get anymore warnings and disturbances as you drive. But trust me, it won’t be long before your engine knocks. And if you drive a modern car, you will need to buy an entire engine, plus the fuel you didn’t want to buy, and many other expenses you could have avoided.

Just because you know the bible doesn’t mean you know the gospel. Just because you’ve been in church all your life or maybe you’re even a preacher doesn’t mean you know the gospel. If you say you know the gospel, my question for you is this – is it working for you? The gospel is the information that God expects our lives to be run by. Not only does it bring soundness into your whole being, it also brings the life and experience of the supernatural. So it’s up to you – what do you want your experience to be like?

God doesn’t just love you, he needs you. It’s not like he wants you or that he prefers you over another person. God needs people, each one specifically, as many as possible. Why does God need you? The real question is – why did he make people in the first place? If man weren’t that important to God I don’t think he would have gone ahead with creation after looking into the future that is now our present.

Man was made to become the visible outlet or expression of God. This is the center point of Christianity. Now you can understand that your life is not about you, rather it’s about him. You can decide you want to keep struggling in your life, that I have no control over. But if you want to live, you have to accept this reality. Think about being what God wants and I can assure you that you’ll be shocked at how sweet life can be. Don’t get carried away by the noise makers, instead stay your gaze on that which truly matters.

Reason to be mentally sound: get in agreement with God and you won’t need any further reason


3 thoughts on “God needs you

  1. For the most part, I like / agree with what you wrote. However, I think we do a disservice to some people by saying that drugs are never needed for things like metal health. We think we know how the body works – we think that drugs are a way of getting around solving “real” problems. It seems to me that the more we learn about the body and how it all works so amazingly – we should see that God is behind all of that. But here’s the thing. How do we “know” that when things go wrong it’s not because Satan has tweaked with some part of our body – like, in my case, the chemical balance in my nervous system – which gives me a tendency to be very depressed and in the past, suicidal. It’s fine to say that since I believe in God and know the Gospel pretty well – that I shouldn’t have that problem. But it’s too easy to say that. Try living with it. At some times, I have been unable to get past the problem from that chemical imbalance in my brain. That I believe in and know God becomes a concept so far away that it’s unreachable. For that – I blame Satan. Why God allows this to happen, I don’t know. I can only assume that it’s some sort of testing. It reminds me of when Jesus prayed for Peter – not that Peter wouldn’t be sifted as wheat – but that after Peter was sifted as wheat that Peter would return and strengthen the others. How do we “know” that when things happen that they are our fault, and not something from Satan allowed by God? Jesus Himself answered that question. We don’t know – because it does happen.
    I don’t know for any given case / person. Do you?
    Life can be sweet. Even in the middle of the trials and problems that Jesus told us would come. It’s not sweet all the time – that was never promised – in fact the exact opposite was promised. Paul wrote about being stressed to the point of wanting to die. Jesus was sweating blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. Who are we to think that we’re going to live a good, sweet, life all the time, knowing that?
    For others who go through things like this – my prayer isn’t for them to realize that life would be sweeter if we come to know God – but it would be that they not forget Him, and when they come out of whatever is happening – that they will strengthen others who go through the same issues.

    What truly matters isn’t a sweet life here on earth.
    What truly matters is hearing “well done, good and faithful servant” when I meet Jesus. No matter what I have to go through to hear that.

    Hope this helps you to understand how medicine – along with God – can be an answer for mental health. After all – where did the knowledge that doctors have come from? From God.


    1. Ok. First about drugs and the nervous system, my understanding is simple, it is not the chemical imbalance that causes the depression rather it is the depression expressing itself as a chemical imbalance in the body. You can take that as an opinion but honestly think about it.

      A Christian could have problems facing things like this. The problem will not leave because you are a Christian, it is you that will appropriate the Christian life over what you face.

      God doesn’t allow problems. Problems are a part of life. This life is what is problematic. Satan can be involved but sometimes he is not. Problems doesn’t have to be someone’s fault, it can come from anywhere. The question is, do you know how to get rid of it.

      Let me give an illustration. If a road is rough and bumpy, the experience you have on the road is determined by the kind of vehicle you are driving.

      Have you really thought of what God really wants out of people? Medicine has its place, the gospel has its place.

      I wish I can go all the way here but this medium is limited. If you see my other posts perhaps you will have a better understanding.


      1. I believe your reply is dangerous. I pray that you will come to an understanding. People like you lead to “Christians” dying for what is perceived as lack of faith. Perhaps you should think about that. In the mean time – I forgive you and will pray for you. My life is not a car. Maybe your is. Maybe you haven’t really been tested. Maybe you rely too much on your own strength and not God’s. Maybe you haven’t really been broken yet. I pray that when you are – you remember to return to God and don’t get sifted as wheat – which God DID allow, as Peter did – that you will return and strengthen others.

        BTW – your medical understanding is absolutely wrong. Hopefully you never have to go through it. But then again – maybe you need to? That’s up to God. Depends on what He will allow for you – not what you allow for yourself – and how He wants to grow you – not how you want to grow yourself.


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