10 things you should do

Getting things like depression, anxiety, disorders out of your life require that you look away from the problem and look in a direction that breeds the solution. Once your life comes alive in a different direction, the depression fizzles out. And the only way to go back is if you become faced with gross hopelessness. So to help you look away from where your gaze shouldn’t be to where it ought to be, I’ve put together 10 things you should do. I hope you find it worth doing.

10) Write down what you will do with a million dollars on the condition that you must not spend it on yourself or anything that pertains to you personally. The list must not be more than 5

9) Rank the list you have from the most important to the least important

8) Talk to a responsible friend about the fancy possibility of doing the most important thing on your list

7) Go online and find out whether there are people or organizations doing any of the things you listed

6) Contact people or organizations you find online that are doing something in your list or related to it. Just make enquires. And you can get yourself going in that direction if you want to

5) Find out the least amount of money that can still do something significant of each of the things you wrote

4) Pick one of the amount you got in 5 above and write down 10 ways you can get the money. Just do it. The ways you think of may be impractical but just write them down and think until you hit 10

3) Cancel out 5 impractical ways you listed in 4 above

2) Select 3 plausible ways of the remaining 5 left after doing 3 above

1) Put together a comprehensive report of this activity and save it. Print the result from activity 5 on a broad sheet of paper. And the result of activity 4, 3 and 2 on a separate paper like this – all 10 ways listed in the order you wrote them, the 5 impractical ways crossed out (but in a way that it can still be seen), the 3 plausible ways ticked with affirmation in front of them. Now paste these two sheets of paper next to your mirror or somewhere you can see them every day.

Don’t ask questions, just do it. It wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Reason to be mentally sound: if you give your mind a reason, it will wake up to soundness


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