The knowledge of death

There are different kinds of knowledge. Not all knowledge edifices. When a person is attacked negatively, telling the situation the way it looks is many times an injustice. This reminds me of an interesting story. A teacher brought two students into a lab to teach them a lesson. The teacher placed a bottle filled with alcohol in front of the students and placed a worm inside the bottle. The worm struggles for a while and after which it dies. The teacher then asked the students what they learned. The first student said that he learnt that if they take in alcohol, it will do to them what it did to the worm. And hence, said the lesson was that they should never take alcohol. The second student smiled a bit, shook his head and said that the lesson was that they should always drink alcohol because it will destroy all the worms in their body.

It’s interesting how something that seems a clear perspective to one person can completely appear different to another. When information comes to you, do you ask what the information will do to you if you accept it? Think about that.

There is such a thing as the knowledge of death. And the examples are all around you. If a person has 3 more months to die, do you think it’s an interesting information? Someone once mentioned that if your life is going to change if they tell you that you have 3 weeks left to live then, you are not living. Listen here, you don’t have anything until they tell you that you have it. And if you truly have it then you should be able to let it go and not have it anymore. So, what has the doctor told you that you have? Open your eyes and triple think. The doctor telling you that you have it is the knowledge of death. So do you want to hold on to it? Do you want to nurture it and manage it or you want to get rid of it. Every problem is rooted in information. As there is the knowledge of death, so there is the knowledge of life. Choose life.

Reason to be mentally sound: because the life affects every part of you


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