The new disease: I feel …

Expression is very important to life. First of all, what you express determines what is known by other people about you. Then, it goes on to affect you internally. Do you know that what you say affects you? Many people think that saying what they think is affecting them is being honest. But that is not always true. What you think is affecting you may actually not be affecting you at all but the moment you say it or keep saying it, then it gets a hold of you.

One reason for failure, depression, anxiety, body malfunction, disorder in people is the expression of what is felt at a decisive moment. This is one of the reasons we have fewer and fewer people in the world who actually understand what it means to be bold. Everybody feels fear, but the people who speak their fear are the fearful ones. Someone might argue that it’s being honest but the truth is that it’s being ignorant. Your words make you. And if you say everything you feel, your life will not only be very confusing, you will also fuel the process of death in your body and your soul. So pay attention to what you say, especially about yourself.

This disease is the root cause of many problems. It seems easy to stop but if you don’t, you will keep trying to cut the shoot and you probably won’t succeed. People voice their feelings today and speak of it as a right. And it feels comforting for them because their body relaxes or gives them a special sensation when they talk according to its dictation. But people are not physical bodies. You will ruin your life if you talk according to how you feel all the time. Not only will it affect you internally, it will also affect the world around you.

Do you know someone who talks anyhow without any restraints? If you had an important meeting that means so much to you and your future, would you take such a person with you to the meeting? The primary thing that makes people irritating is their expression. Even if they wear expensive clothes and look like they’ve not stepped their feet on the ground before, they carry a stench of prude negativity by their expression.

Don’t say what you feel, say what you are supposed to say. Don’t talk what’s wrong about you, talk about what’s right about you. And it is not trying to be positive, take it as a sincere perspective of your life from now on. I’m assuming you love life more than death, and I hope I’m right.

Reason to be mentally sound: so that you can be in a position where credible responsibilities can be committed into your hands


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