Look away from yourself

When a lot of people want to look at themselves, they get a mirror and then stare in it. But if you live your life based on what the mirror says about you, you will have a awkward life. It’s a major problem plaguing the world today, lots of people have subjected themselves to what they see themselves to be in the mirror. And their standards are people who they see that have to look perfect in front of the cameras. Realizing how short they are of the standard they see, depressing thoughts kick in whether consciously or unconsciously.

The solution is not going for all kinds of treatments to look just as perfect also. That would only compound the problem. It would be a race or competition that will never end and extremely deteriorating. Rather the solution is looking away from yourself. Life only makes sense when you live to make the life of someone else better. Look away from yourself. That is the beginning of life. Think about other people, think about the world. What kind of life do you want? Do you want a life where you are running to get things or you want a life where things are running to get you?

For the good things of life to run after you, you have to be after something of a greater purpose. Live your life in a way that if you ever stand to speak in a congregation of elites, you would be given a rapt audience. Not audience out of courtesy or out of protocol but audience out of respect of what you do and what your life means.

Why am I not talking about mental health issues? It’s because the knowledge of the problem will not get you to the solution or even bring you closer. It might make you feel better but it will only reinforce the problem. Looking away from it, looking away from yourself, is what brings life to you. Which do you love more – death or life?

Reason to be mentally sound: there are many things to live for if you can just look away from yourself


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