See value in yourself

What do you do when the source of your headache and heartache is near you and you can’t just walk away from it. Perhaps it’s your job or maybe it’s someone at your workplace or maybe it’s something somewhere you have to pass through every day. The answer is not ignoring the problem because it might be too big to be ignored. The answer is that you have to start looking somewhere else that puts life into your soul.

It’s one thing to look away from the trouble, it’s another thing to be looking at something worth seeing. Looking away from the trouble might be just denial but looking at something else that has your attention and requires your involvement towards a positive impact on the world is an answer. People who make you see yourself as nothing or worthless obviously do not know your value. And nobody will seat down to understand your value until you let them know it clearly. You are the one to see the value in yourself. Don’t expect someone else to see the genius in you. You have to see it first. If you don’t see it first, other people will use you.

Recognize the value in yourself before someone else does and use it for yourself. Magnify what you see in yourself and look to have a responsible life by using what you see in yourself to be a benefit to someone else (in your own freedom). Look away from the depressing information and look at something that lays demand on you (and the value you see in yourself). Then, go out and make something good happen.

Reason to be mentally sound: more resources is given to the one who meets a small expectation


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