Who will you believe?

This title brings a story to my mind and an interesting perspective to the story. It’s quite a famous one if you read the bible. The disciples of Jesus were one time at sea and there was this raging storm against their boat. There were doing all they can to go through the storm with the minimum damage possible. Then Jesus came walking on the sea. Oh, I love it. It’s a sight like no other. Many have been carried away by the fact that he was walking on water and forget that there was a fierce storm on the very sea he was walking on! One look at Jesus, the disciples forgot about the storm. Think about it, if you were there what would you think?

My point is this – the sea was saying something, the storm was saying something, and the man was saying something. Which of them would you believe? You know today, the story is just a story. And there are those who would argue that it is not true. Some would even dare say that it’s not exactly that way and try to beat the event down to something magical or natural. But the event is not like that in any way. Another interesting part for me is the fact that one of the disciples of Jesus also walked on that same sea, at that same time as perfectly as Jesus did (proving that it is not Jesus pulling some magic trick). But something happened, he looked away from the man (Jesus) and looked at the raging waves. And the bible specifically states that at that point he began to sink. The disciple stopped listening to the man, he tuned his receiving frequency to that of the sea and the storm. The information he was receiving then began dictating his circumstance.

It matters who you listen to. It matters who you believe. Your life is determined by who you believe. The information that influences people’s lives doesn’t come from a what, it comes from a who. This is why you need people who relate to you as who you envision to be. You need a community of like minds in progress. And I will strongly advice you to find an active Christian community around you that you (i.e. your future self) can bond with and join them. And don’t just join, become active there. Make sure you find out that the community is truly Christian and they wholeheartedly believe the revolutionary message of Christ. It might look like a little insignificant step but it can make all the difference you are struggling to achieve.

Reason to be mentally sound: so that you can be in a position to lift other people out of their misery


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