Give your life a meaning

Your life will have no meaning unless you consciously give it one. Many people embark on a futile search for the meaning of life. The farther they go in their search, the more confused they become. The major problem is that the time supposed to be used for execution is wasted in mindless search. That’s because in the end what’s found is not worth it and the best part of the person’s life is already gone.

Life has a meaning and it is true that there is a greater understanding to all of life that connects everything together. But you will not find it in a soul-searching journey. That’s because the answers are not in that line at all. If you want to understand life in all of its fullness, give your life a meaning and walk up from there.

Giving your life a meaning is very simple. It is making up your mind towards what and about what you want to do. Nobody gets it perfect from the onset. It’s going to be a blur from afar but you have to believe it and walk in that direction. And the closer you come, the clearer it gets. Nobody figures everything out before getting started, you just step out. Don’t be afraid to try things out in this direction. You might try a dozen things and it just doesn’t rhyme with you, don’t get discouraged and give up because of that. If you give up, you have given death a license to come after you. That’s because you are not in this world for yourself, you are here because of someone else.

Don’t ask for the meaning of life, give your own life a meaning. If it is a true sense of purpose and you walk in it with all sincerity of heart, all the answers you are looking for will find you. First, give your life a meaning, then open your heart and mind. This will take you through the best course of your life.

Reason to be mentally sound: you are someone’s hope


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