God’s answers

Question: God, why did you make such a broken world?
Answer: I didn’t. I made a perfect world, I put man in charge, man broke it.

Question: So, why haven’t you done something about it all this while?
Answer: I have done something. The question you should ask yourself is what have I done. Maybe in your quest to see the supernatural, you have been clouded by the spectacular.

Question: If you have really done something, then why is the world still the way it is?
Answer: Do you for a second think outside your own perspective? There was a reason I created the world, don’t you think about that? And it wasn’t because I got bored and I wanted some drama. I am the creator and my counsel comes first. But to answer your question, the world is the way it is because man made it that way. I have made available all things needed to have a perfect world today but the execution of it is not in my hands but in the hands of man. I have my countdown anyway.

Question: Does it mean that this world can be perfect even right now from how it looks currently?
Answer: Yes.

Question: But things seem not to be working because man is not making it work. Can’t you just cease everything and make it work by force?
Answer: No. I am God and my word abides forever. I have by my word given the physical world to man and I cannot go back on my word. And my spirit will not strive with man. On the long term though, I have my countdown.

Question: When is your countdown going to end?
Answer: That is not for you to know. What you need is the knowledge of what I have done so that you can affect your world and the world with it.

Question: How can I really help?
Answer: Understand what I have done to save mankind and then, help others understand.

Reason to be mentally sound: so that you can help


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