Allow Jesus to have the final word

I know you’ve heard about the term ‘born again’. But here, I want to really explain it to you as simply as it can be put. It’s not something wierd, religious or difficult to understand. Of course, there is a lot to it and there are deeper understandings but you have to get the basic understanding first and then you can dig deeper as you go on. But if you continue to stay outdoors and you think you know what’s going on indoors, then you are deceiving and robbing yourself.

Giving your heart to Christ is simply believing that Jesus is who he says he is (that he is from God), accepting that what he did (dying) was not for himself but for your benefit and then making him the one who has the final word over your life by your confession. After your confession from your belief, you have to live every day of your life from his word. This means you only call yourself what he calls you and your standard of judgment in anything and everything is based on his standard. That is what it means in simple language. And then, God promises life beyond what your mind can phantom if you allow him have the final and only word over your life.

You can make the confession now if you just say this sincerely loud enough for your ears to hear, ‘Jesus, from today onward, you have the final word over my life’.

Where does church come in then? God wouldn’t speak out of the sky to you every morning. In fact, he won’t do that at all. He already has his word in the earth and it is wrapped up in the message of the bible. You need to have a copy of the bible but even that is not enough. Getting the message you need for your everyday life would be difficult if you just sit alone with the bible. And life’s challenges can quickly weigh you down that way. So you need a place where God’s word is taught in a way that you are enriched. And also, you will find the fellowship of believers like you very comforting. So you need to search for an active Christian community (or organization) around you that you can bond with and most importantly brings words that grow your faith and life in Christ Jesus. If you seem to find none around you and you can’t change your environment for cogent reasons (maybe family, work etc.), then you can see through Christian TV programs and see which Christian organization appeals to you and then connect with them via the internet. But having one in your environment that you physically belong to is priority (even after you’ve connected with one via the internet).

How does this affect your health? God wants you mentally sound and then he called you mentally sound. If you believe him and talk like you do, you’ll discover that you’re mentally sound. Allow God to have the final word over your life.

Reason to be mentally sound: because God says you are!


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