Prison castle

If prisons were fully furnished elegant castles, would you be willing to go to prison? If there were servants and the whole place is a luxurious palace and they can get you anything you want, would you eagerly agree to go behind bars? The only thing they’ll be withholding from you would be freedom to get out of the castle, everything else is done to a perfect luxurious taste. Maybe someone should try that as a social experiment. But the question is, would you go to jail if jail is a castle where you are served like a king only with your freedom withheld?

I know a lot of people who would say yes. They will even argue that it’ll be the coolest thing ever. But the reality is not something that simple. If you ever subject yourself to such an experiment or reality, after about 2 weeks you will begin to hate your life. There is no earthly pleasure that cannot turn sour after continuous indulgence. Before long your heart will be yearning for something more, something more to life. And your soul knowing fully well that only freedom is deprived from you will put the blame on the lack of freedom. And then the struggle to break free begins.

I see people pursuing freedom in their lives through different ways. The ironic thing is that you watch those same people after they free themselves from one shackle, bind themselves to another shackle. Anyway, my point here is this – what do you want the freedom for? What is freedom for? People say they want to achieve financial freedom, what is the freedom for? So that you can get into more debt? Or maybe be able to afford more adult toys? What do you want freedom for? Why do you want independence? It matters why.

Why am I saying these things? Life on earth is a one time thing and there is no repeat or rewind. So, if you’ve never asked yourself this question before then you should be glad you ran into me. Think about what you want to do with your freedom, think about what you want to do with your life. Come up with something today and write it down. You don’t have to have a concrete understanding of it now, but you need to recognize a pointer. That’s because if you don’t see the pointer, you’ll never see the blueprint.

I want you to do something. Get a large paper (maybe pieces joined together), and paste it on a wall in your room. Title it, ‘the future’. I want you to write anything and everything that comes to you about the kind of life you want to have on that wallpaper. I don’t mean things like cars, houses or shoes. Rather, things that have to do with what you do with your life. For example, you can write ‘education’ because you feel drawn towards that and then later you add ‘teenagers’ and then later you add ‘informal’ to compliment the ‘education’ you wrote earlier and just keep going like that. Be careful not to write things induced by media noise or things made to look nice publicly or things based on a passing phase of your life. Take time to listen to yourself. Of course just as you can add things, you can remove things you’ve previously written. The liberty is with you to do it at your frequency. But do it!

Reason to be mentally sound: to satisfy the cost of freedom


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