Thinking straight

The issue of mental health is not merely about the brain. Medical studies may show that anomalies in the brain is what affects people. But personally, I don’t believe that. And the fact that medical science doesn’t have a concrete answer to mental ill-health make me bold about my notion. I believe it’s the illness in people that cause the anomaly that shows in the brain. The source of the problem is not in the brain. This means if you rectify the brain situation, it may appear mended for a while, but soon enough the anomalies will begin to show again.

It matters what you believe is controlling your thinking. If you hear a voice (whether audible or applied in situation) that speaks depression into your soul, how do you take it? Is it a fact or an opinion? Is it the truth or a lie? Is it you speaking to yourself or someone (or something) else speaking to you? Is it something you automatically accept or something you question? Is it something that determines your action or something that doesn’t in any way?

If you want to embark on something and you hear a voice in your mind that you will fail, would you still go ahead? Think well before you answer that question. My guess is that you will try and think whether what the voice says is true. And most of the time, the situation around you will agree with the failure if what you want to embark on is visionary. But if you don’t try, you fail before you ever start. Some people however deceive themselves that they don’t think they will fail when they actually try to hide their fear.

It’s important to convince yourself about your own life. The way you are is not a subject of what the way your body is. The state of your body is subject to the way you are. And the way you are is subject to what you believe. And what you believe is subject to what you hear. And what you hear is subject to what you listen to. And what you listen to is subject to what has your attention. And what has your attention is subject to your choice.

Be proactive about life. Don’t let life happen to you. The default choice in life is never good. Let the right things get your attention. And from there you can begin to think straight.

Reason to be mentally sound: even you do not like yourself depressed


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