What is the most valuable thing you have done?

Did you ever hear this idea of counting your blessings? It’s a good one because sometimes people get caught up in many things and let what they don’t have weigh them down. But if such people ever look inward and count their blessings, the unsatisfied feeling is replaced with a disposition of gratitude.

Nobody tells you the good things you do, but they never forget the one thing you did wrong. I remember a quote like this I heard a while ago by a man that implies that nobody remembered the good thing he did but the bad thing he did, he heard often and often. That’s the way people are by default. And the trouble is that most people never understand that life is a deliberate choice and so continue with that behaviour. If you don’t want to be that way, you have to learn to consciously shut your mouth when the thought comes to say what someone else did wrong.

But you can’t expect everybody to be like you. So for matters that pertain to your own life, you must be proactive. You have to celebrate yourself because if you don’t, nobody probably will. Someone I respect so much used to say that if you don’t blow your own trumpet, it will rust. The ‘blowing your own trumpet’ that I mean here is not talking about yourself above other people or magnifying yourself in people’s eyes. Rather, it is magnifying yourself in your own eyes without comparison to anybody.

How do you do this? You need to remind yourself the good things you did and celebrate yourself about it. So, what is the most valuable thing you have done this month? There has to be something. Think about it. If you don’t recognize it, nobody will. If you don’t celebrate it, you’ll never see the opportunity to do more and better. I challenge you to say it in the comment thread.

Beyond today, I’m challenging you to have a diary where every weekend or month end you write down (to acknowledge) the most valuable thing you did.

Reason to be mentally sound: happy people are appreciated people


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