Acknowledge the good thing in you

Learning is a very important part of life. There is a lot people don’t know about learning. Teaching and learning are two different things. Just because you are teaching something doesn’t mean the person listening is learning what you think you are passing on. If you catch a child who stole and you try to teach that what he did is bad, most likely the information the child receives (if you are not careful) is that he is a bad person. That’s because there is a reason the child did what you called stealing and if you don’t address that, the stealing might continue. And addressing the issue is not about listening to the child talk about why, but seeing through the child and speaking life into him.

People get stuck in life because they can’t find the ingredient to rise higher. The major problem is that very few people in the world have other people who truly believe in them and the good they could become in the future. How many people can look at a thief and see a responsible heart? People most of the time grow up to become what the people around them think they are. The problem is that what their environment says about them is never good. It is either too high (or wide) to weigh them down or it is too low that it imprisons them. So if you are in such a mould and you want to break out, you have to acknowledge the good thing in you.

If you don’t see the good thing in you, nobody else will probably see it. Open your eyes and look inward. There is something responsibly good about yourself. You should recognize it. Write it down, say it to yourself again and again. If you’re good at something, don’t talk yourself down so that people can talk you up. The best encouragement you can ever get is the one you give yourself. At least you know that one is very sincere. Acknowledge the good thing in you. Celebrate what you did good. People are naturally inclined to tell you what you did wrong or what you are doing wrong, make it a point of duty to tell yourself what you did right during the day.

Initially it might be hard finding the good thing you do because of how you may have been perceived over the years. But if you start today, it will be easier tomorrow and it will keep getting easier. You can have a diary where you write at the end of the day the good thing you did that day. And on a day where you feel so down and worse, you pick the diary and read it. If you do this, you will be shocked at how therapeutic it will be.

Reason to be mentally sound: because there is something good in you


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