Paying attention to the right things

This is a blog where I post daily. Definitely, it won’t continue forever or indefinitely. A time will come when I will be off this ship but I’ll still keep it here for as long as possible (or necessary). I do this because I believe this will help at least one person. Even if it’s just one person, it’s worth it in every way. But it is important to me that the person gets what he or she is supposed to get from this. You can look at something and at the same time you are not looking. It means you gaze at something but you are not paying attention to it at all. My question for you is this – are you paying attention?

Knowing what to do doesn’t get the job done. There are people who have knowledge of how you turn their life around but are still actively sinking. The knowledge will do you no good until you apply it. Life makes no sense until you reach out to meet the need of another person. This is where life finds a meaning. But the problem with this is that the knowledge will do you no good until you live it out. You have the keys with you, will you open the door and come in or freeze in the cold?

There are many things in this world that are fighting for your attention. Pay attention to the right things. Unworthy things will use beauty to seduce you but you must be resolute enough to stand by what you should be about. You have to decide to focus on the right thing because if you leave it to chance the wrong things will have your mind and drown you.

There is a category on this blog called special, you should think on the things I shared there.

Reason to be mentally sound: there is a reason for your life


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