Hope for the misunderstood

A lot of people who go through mental health challenges often have their problems compounded through their relationships. There is this saying that goes thus that you are a mad man unless you find someone that understands you. The level of selfishness is very high in the world today and very few people sit down to listen. Lots of people are just carried away by the latest frenzy making the loudest noise. Attention is difficult for many to pay because they are fully captivated by the big screens. Having someone who understands you is very important and integral part of your life but you will make your life sour if you are anxious for such people.

The mistake many people in this category make is that they have a person at the back of their mind that must fulfill a role in their life. And when things are appearing differently, they make king size errors. Yes, there are people that will take certain responsibilities in your life’s progress but you are not to determine those people. You must remember that every person has a freewill to act and behave the way they want. Therefore, you must understand that you can’t force people into your life and you can’t make them stay by force. You can inspire or encourage the relationship but you can’t force it to be something you want.

There are people who can understand you. It doesn’t matter how weird you see yourself to be, there are people who can look beyond what you call the ugly. There are people who will come into your life that will be like that. Just because someone sees a friend of yours that way doesn’t mean the person will see you that way. The person that sees you that way may not see other people in your clique that way. You must learn to recognize this gift to your person and respect the relationship.

Recognizing this fact about people and life, you should be the least judgemental person. If you are against something someone is doing and you know you cannot help the person, you don’t have to express hate. There will be one or more person(s) in your life that you also will be drawn towards regardless of whatever flaw they seem to have on the surface. If you see those people by the treasures inside and not the flawed surface, you will be drawing towards yourself more people that will understand you.

Reason to be mentally sound: there are people who can understand you


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