It’s better the hard way

The easy way many times doesn’t get the job done. The major problem with the easy way is that it’s not deep enough. The easy way only solves the problem for a short term or a very narrow sphere. When you look at the long term effect or the in-depth effect, you see very clearly that it’s not a solution. Learn to look for permanent solutions and not temporary coverage. Whenever you think of answers, think of something of lasting impact. The easy way is not hard to spot if you are honest with yourself.

The hard way is not inviting at all. But if you are honest with yourself, you need it. We live in a world where everybody wants it fast and easy. But the way of permanent progress is the hard way. The interesting thing about life is that for those who go through the fast and easy way, the challenges will be just as mean. The advantage of the hard way is that the path would toughen you and challenges that arise at the end of the line don’t look as hard because you’ve seen worse. What you achieve at the end of the hard way is not the point but what the way makes you. The hard way doesn’t make you mean and wicked, rather it makes you very resilient and tough. In life, toughness is a great virtue.

It’s better the hard way, believe me. There are things you have that you can only become aware of if you take the hard way. By the hard way I don’t mean making life hard for yourself on purpose. What I mean is taking the path of gradual, step-by-step progress. Let me share an illustration to give a picture of what I mean. If you start feeling some serious headaches, what will be your default action? For majority, it will be going to take pills to stop the headaches. But very few people stop to think about how the headache came in the first place. If you think in the line of permanent progress, you should think of how that headache is not going to happen anymore. And so think to discover what produced it and how to stop it from reoccurring. If you spot what produced the headache and take care of it, the headache may linger for a while after you have sorted the root cause but it will eventually leave. That is the hard way.

What’s the easy way, you may ask. Taking pills and ignoring the problem. Every physical feeling that you get (especially those that are like sickness symptoms) is your body trying to tell you something. Probably how your lifestyle is negatively affecting your body. Problems don’t start big, they begin small. But if you are obsessed with shortcuts, you will always find yourself in the ‘it is too late’ section in life especially deep in adulthood. It’s better to take the hard way. This is the word for today.

Reason to be mentally sound: you will bear the consequences of your life alone


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