Louder doesn’t mean better

I get amazed when I hear people talking about awareness for mental health issues. Most of those who support that kind of thing don’t really know what they are moulding into the world. But for those who initiate or champion such causes, I think I know why they do it. It’s a very simple guess. Why would you want the world to know more about something that the world is trying to drive into extinction?

Selfishness has been the sole reason the world is plagued to this extent. If only a significant percentage of people in the world consider the effect of what they are doing on the general public, if only. Have you thought about what the thing you do for a living affects the lifestyle of the general public. I’m saying general public and not other people because I’ve noticed a deceptive trend. For example, those who bring up the awareness issue claim to be trying to make life easy for some particular set of people. And so ignore whatever effect what they are doing is having on the whole world. If you want a balanced perspective, think of the effect it will have on a young innocent child that has no preconceived opinions.

I’m saying all that to make you understand that shouting the problem doesn’t make the problem go away. If you have a disadvantage because of your condition, that is your unique advantage in life. People need disadvantages that will propel them to do that which is beyond the usual. But if you chose to celebrate your problems, you will feel fantastic for a while but after then you will slowly drown in a mud in a situation where you can’t be able to ask for help.

Let your actions be directed towards being better. If you focus on becoming better, your feelings will line up with you after some time. But if you decide to feel better by getting louder, you are already sinking and it feels good until you are waist deep. Instead of getting louder about your problem, why don’t you get louder about something else. Remember whatever you loud is what people will see when they look at you.

Reason to be mentally sound: there is so much more to life only if you are willing to explore


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