Just a little out

Fear is a terrible thing. It makes people chickens in human bodies. And fear has one source – information. The cure of fear is very simple, it’s being bold. The secret of boldness is not that there is no presence of fear, but it is the fact that the fear present is not enough to stop the act of courage. To be afraid is to allow the fear you feel dictate your actions. If you have a challenge holding you back from enjoying the best of life, fear is what is keeping you stuck. To stop the fear, you must step out – maybe just a little out.

When I see people name themselves by a limitation, I immediately know that they’ll be stuck with the challenge all their lives. Someone might notice that he feels a sense of panic in his body whenever he gets quite distant from the ground level. The person might notice that and say he has a “phobia” that has to do with height. Another person can have the same feeling with heights and work it out into a strength. You say how? By going to sit down on a high place and gaze at the distant ground level for about an hour every day. Of course, the first week will be a nightmare but as time goes on, it will become something pleasurable and enjoyable especially when it finally dawns on you that you have conquered the fear.

Fear is a feeling. When it becomes something more, then there is a problem. Of course, this is different from the anticipation of evil. Fear is always towards a specific action (each time it comes up), anticipating evil is always towards an occurrence. But if you are going to enjoy the best of life, you have to learn to live above the fear you feel. This means stepping out to do something you fear when the fear is still there. If you let fear talk you out of it, then you will always be under the bondage of fear.

Someone once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Think about it as regarding your life, if you don’t do something different your life will continue the way it is. Imagine your life remain like it is today in the next ten years, it’s not something nice to behold. Take a step out today – just a little out.

Reason to be mentally sound: there is much to live for beyond fear


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