You are responsible for the way people treat you

Wisdom is a very important virtue in life. Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean the knowledge doesn’t exist. I get amazed when people put up attitudes that says, ‘if I don’t know how to do it then it is not possible’. There is so much you don’t know. And there is so much room in you to know as much as you desire. The limit is with you and your desire.

The way you are treated by other people is dependent on several factors. The environment you are is a primary factor, the way the other people are is another factor, but the greatest is your wisdom (and the way you think). Basically, you would think that the way other people treat you is not in any way dependent on you. But it is and if you are willing to listen and learn, I can show you. First, your identity in life is hinged on your relevance. And people will recognize you based on how relevant you are in the world (that is, what you have done or what you are involved in and it’s impact on the world we live in). This means if you are part of something that moved the society forward, there is a way people will treat you and a way people can’t treat you. If you are that relevant and you have people who still treat you in ways you don’t want to, it means you have made those people see you as something else which they are relating to.

On a second hand, you can determine how people treat you by the way you treat them. You live in the society, so you understand the words and the gestures. It is what you communicate out with your outward expressions and words that people use to relate to you. So if people are treating you in someway that you don’t want, then you should check what kind of information you are passing out about yourself taking into consideration the kind of environment that you are. For example, a lady might dress very informally outdoors in a particular environment and the person is still respected. Meanwhile, the same outfit in another environment sends a different signal entirely. I know some want to live as they like as shabby as they want to and at the same time want to be given a respect that they see is being given to some people or in someplace. That is the opposite of wisdom.

Be wise. You are responsible for the way people treat you. If you don’t like the way people treat you, don’t look at them as the problem instead look inwards. If it’s just one person treating you wrongly, then the person probably has the problem. But if a number of people treat you the way you don’t want to, then you should look inward and ask yourself sincere questions.

Reason to be mentally sound: you are responsible for the life you experience


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