What gets your attention?

The reality of your life is subject to your actions
Your actions springs forth from your words
Your words comes from what you heard
What you heard is from what you listen to
What you listen to is what gets your attention
What gets your attention has to be your choice

Decide what gets your attention. If you let your environment determine what gets your attention, then you are no better than an animal. Look beyond your nose and be proactive about life. You will bear the consequences of your life alone, regardless of who you are or how you choose to fortify yourself. Make the right things get your attention.

Just as important is stopping the wrong things from getting your attention. Money can make death look beautiful and desirable. We live in a world where the limits of media entertainment is surpassed every day. It is a glaring fact to me that entertainment is no more entertainment. People, especially the gullible young people, are learning life from what some people created to be for entertainment. The closer it gets to the reality of human lives, the better the media producers seems to see it. Nobody really cares about what people are learning from what they’re doing. Well, my advice for you is this – know what is entertainment and keep it in its place. Make conscious effort to educate yourself about life from the right sources. And the best of all for me is God’s message of life communicated in the book called the bible.

Events of life are not accidental. The problem is that people don’t know how they create the circumstances of their lives. But this is a good place to begin from – choose what gets your attention.

Reason to be mentally sound: so that you will not be robbed of the best part of your life


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