Don’t hurt your soul because you want to feel good

For a lot of people in this present world, feeling good is the best of all. Many people believe that if it feels good then it is not wrong. And if it is not wrong then it is right. In reality, there are a number of things that feels good and are wrong. And even most (if not all) of those things only feel good in the short term. On the long term there is the heartache and mental disruptions caused by the thing that felt good for a short time prior.

It’s important to have the right goals in life. Wrong goals can wreck your life like nothing else can. Something can happen to someone and the person will think it’s an opportunity or luck whereas it’s something that arranges the person’s life for a crash. It is wisdom to see that not all favour is favour. Don’t let anybody tell you that they are the only ones that can make something good and desirable come out of your life. Greatness is locked up inside you, it is your responsibility to dig it out. There is nothing you can’t do without. You are only addicted to something because of a present way of life. When you make true life progress, irrelevant addictions drop off.

A problem associated with people who see themselves as mentally challenged in anyway is the fact that they are not feeling the way they should be feeling. Or perhaps it’s that they assume that they’re not supposed to be feeling the way they do. I mentioned it sometimes earlier that these feelings comes to everybody, it’s what they do with it (from how they are raised) that makes the difference. The point is, if you keep listening to your feelings and reacting based on what your feelings say, you will not make any real progress in life. Take the right and courageous action despite what you feel.

Don’t hurt your soul because you want to feel  good. Don’t live to feel good. Your goal should not be to feel good. Don’t give up on making something remarkably good out of your life. This is a bad world, yes, but be the good person that makes living in this world pleasurable. And to be good is not being nice and kind (even though that is okay), but it is to be bold and courageous towards doing things that makes life better in reality for another person.

Reason to be mentally sound: you only live once


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