How to enjoy the benefits of what Jesus has done

The problem of many people in the world today who profess to be Christians is that they really don’t know what being a Christian is all about. Christianity is not a religion. Being a Christian has tremendous benefits in this world (and the world to come). There is no wisdom in professing to be one and not enjoying the benefit of it. So let me give you a glimpse of the benefits of being a Christian.

First of all, Christianity is an offering of a higher life to a human person. It is receiving the life that Jesus has to offer through his suffering, death and resurrection. That life is different from the life of a natural human person. On a simple level, the reasons, causes and forces that drives the person’s life will be different from that of the ordinary person. A basic characteristic of a Christian is that his goals are different from what normal (and average) people’s goals are. The changes don’t begin on the outward but over time the inward change is revealed outwardly.

So to enjoy the benefits of being a Christian, you have to live according to the principle of life. And the principle is that whatever good thing you say about yourself (and live in consistency with it) will be produced in your life. As someone that has accepted the life Jesus has to offer, you have the right to have whatever thing (consistent with what God wills which is every good thing of life plus some responsibility) you desire to have if you can believe it, talk like it and live like it. It’s not about pretending to have what you don’t, rather it is living in a way that what you want finds it easy to associate with you.

If you live in the understanding and knowledge of this, no challenge of life will be big enough to make you stuck in a point.

Reason to be mentally sound: the good life is available for you to live


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