Go where you’ve not gone before

Living has to be deliberate otherwise you will live a very poor quality life. The sad thing about a poor quality life is that you keep wandering how to make it better but you wouldn’t come to any conclusions. I read from a book that the goal of an average person in a certain country is to die without being disgraced. That will keep such a person from the best of life. If you are afraid of being disgraced you will never take radical steps that will change your life. And if you are here today and you need these words so badly then you need to do the things I want to implore you to.

If you take a map of the kinds of places you go on a regular basis, your life in the next few years can be predicted. Someone once said your life is made by the things you read and the people you meet. But taking a step further from that, it matters where you meet the people you meet. You will agree with me that the conversation you’ll have with someone you met at a wild party will be different from someone you met at a conference. Someone you met in a school environment will be very different to you from someone you met in an alcohol environment. And your life’s progress is very dependent on the people you meet.

This is why I am challenging you today to go to places where the kinds of people that you want to start associating with (to add to your life) is. It’s not just about you meeting people, it’s also about people meeting you. The way you will perceive someone you met in an alcohol environment is most likely the way you will be perceived by someone who met you in an alcohol environment. Nobody sees how different you are until you find a way to express it in your life.

Here is the activity – write down 10 places within your sphere of location (that is, around the places where your regular life activities takes place e.g. your house, your workplace etc.) that you would truly and sincerely honour and respect anyone you meet there (which is also in the direction of life’s progress for you). It may take some time but make sure you write down 10. Then take the list and paste it next to your mirror or somewhere you can see it on close range every day. That’s all. Just do it. I’m not saying you should go there (at least for now), all I’m saying is for you to make the list.

As simple as this activity is, it might just be the key to the progress you’ve always wanted your life to make.


Reason to be mentally sound: there are too many opportunities than to live with an excuse


One thought on “Go where you’ve not gone before

  1. I love posts like these! As far as self help goes this is the first time I’ve come across an idea such as this.

    While the kind of people you meet is definitely important the location does play a huge role as well.


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