What you are involved in defines you

The name you answer is what people call you. If people call you a name  and you don’t like it, all you need to do is to consciously stop answering when they call you that name. In many cases, the name (aside from the one given to you at birth) that you are called is based on an event or occurrence. This shows that people judge you based on what you do. If you want people to see you as someone you dream to be, all you have to do is to do something that the kind of person you hope to be does. This is because people will name you according to what they can see in your life.

Whether you like it or not, what you are involved in defines you. People know you by what you do. This is why you must be very careful about what you choose to do. What you do or what you are involved in at every point in time has to be your choice. If you have issues of communication and understanding with people and everything else seems not to be the problem, this might just be where the problem is. You might be trying to portray yourself as one thing and then what you are involved in is portraying you as another.

If you recognize this as an issue for you, you have to start thinking of what to do that will portray you properly. Sometimes you don’t know what to do and that is probably why you are still where you are. You begin by talking to new people that have tangible responsibility in the society. From one or two things you get from them, you can begin chart your way into being involved in things that portray you the way you want.

Reason to be mentally sound: because changing what you are involved in can solve the problem


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