Be careful what you name

The name is a very important concept in the order of life. It’s not just a means to recognize a thing or a person from many, but it goes deeper to define the life of the person or thing. If you read the post titled ‘people live on words’, you will understand that a person is made by what he listens to. To change a person, what you need is to change what the person is listening to. But in case of a name, the person has to answer it all the time and it goes into the subconscious part of the mind. This makes the meaning and essence of the name be imprinted in the person. The effect of this is such that the bearer of the name starts behaving unconsciously according to the name. So it matters what people call you and it matters the name you give your kids. The name you give your kids carries a thought and that thought will orchestrate the life of the child into adulthood.

As powerful as the name is to people, so also is the name for situations, events and occurrences. Every happening or occurrence is negligible until someone gives it a name. The moment that happening has a name, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. This is why you should name things you want to see more of in your life and you must be careful not to name what you don’t want. If you give what you see in your life that you don’t want a name, it is almost an absolute certainty that it will happen again. Whatever you give a name you tend to talk about. And whatever you talk about grows. So, be careful how you name.

I don’t believe in the reality of suffering. People literally choose to suffer. And many times when you come to help them make better choices, they can fight you. You are where you are in life because of your choices and decisions. Your choices are based on what you know. And what you don’t know limits your understanding to make better choices. Choose to ignore what you see obviously that you don’t want. Magnify the little thing you see that you want more of. You should want things that makes your life go forward.

Don’t name your challenges, name your triumphs.

Reason to be mentally sound: the way your life goes depends on it


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