It’s not natural

Instead of facing their problems and solving it, a lot of people take their problems as a disability and try to live with it. They don’t want a solution because they don’t think that their state can be resolved. They frustrate every effort to their own wellbeing without knowing it. I remember an illustration someone gave in a meeting I was sometimes ago. He asked someone from the audience to take the drumsticks and play the drums. He played very awkwardly. You would think the drum was broken. If it were real life and the person was needed to play the drum at that moment, he would say the drum was broken or it wasn’t good. But then the speaker asked the drummer who was a pro to take the same drumsticks and beat the same drum. When the drummer did, it was like the drum was perfect. The thing is, nothing was wrong with the drum both when it sounded terrible and when it sounded good.

When a child is born into the world, he comes with an empty mind and mindset. The newborn child has no preconceived ideas, no philosophy, no attitude, nothing! It is when the child is born that he learns everything he would use to live and relate with other people. There is nothing you know, say or do that you didn’t learn. And learning can be conscious and unconscious. Where does what people call natural come from then? Some say it’s from the genes and it’s not. Only the details of the physical body come from the genes. Behavioral details start developing after birth. Those things that seem natural to a particular person is what the person gets to learn perfectly unconsciously at childhood especially the things the child begins to get a hold of before he starts talking. That is the origin of what is commonly called “natural talent”.

This shows that the things natural about your life didn’t come from the womb with you but are learnt. This means if you know life in a particular way naturally, you can learn life in another way. This shows whatever you are dealing with at the moment is not natural as you may think it is. It’s just something learnt and another thing can be learnt in its place. I remember a tennis player I once heard about that had one hand “naturally” strong and powerful in play but the other hand was a major weakness. The moment other players discovered that point of weakness, they exploited it so many times. The player knew something had to be done about the weakness. Some people would have said that since he’s got one hand naturally good, he should just stay with what he has as natural and take the weakness as fate or destiny or a divine blessing in disguise. Some might even say he should appeal to the tennis board to prohibit other players from playing to his weakness. But the player took time during the holidays to develop the weak hand such that it became as strong as his other hand. And the next tennis season, he surprised his counterparts.

It’s not natural, you learnt it someway. And if you learnt it, you can unlearn it and learn something else in its place. This proves that whatever stays in your life is your responsibility. Whatever remains with you in your life, you let it remain. Indecision is a decision. Wake up to life.


Reason to be mentally sound: learning life differently from the way you know it now is what can make your life different


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