Keys to adventure – it begins from the mind

Often times I wonder the results people are after when they take certain actions. When people feel some sort of pain and they want to get rid of it, why do they want to feel better? What is the pain stopping? When people talk about leaving one lifestyle for another, the question is why. If you want to have a lot of money, what do you want to use the money for? The point is, most times what you would think you would use money for when you don’t have it is different from what you will use it for when you get the money. Money has a spirit and if a person is not careful, the spirit of money can dominate the person. The way it is about money is the same way it is about health or wholeness. You would think that whatever it is that is a problem for you now is the reason you can’t do what you want to do but the reality is different. The reason you can’t do what you want to do is not because of the challenges you are facing but because you don’t believe that you can.

Many times the problem or challenge in the face of a person creates a cloud that impairs visibility hence the person thinks that the challenge is the hindrance. I have said it before and it requires mentioning again – the way forward is to focus on doing what you want to do despite whatever challenge you see at the moment. If you see a challenge on a level, the challenge will never be resolved permanently as long as you remain on that level. You need to move higher in life. If you don’t take steps forward, your problem today will still be your problem in 5 years time. And this begins with your mind.

You have to be convinced of this otherwise you won’t do it. If your mind is not made up, the idea will be washed out of your mind after a few days. Your mind has to be in alignment and agreement over what you want to do. Don’t let the challenges you see today stop you from going forward in your life. First, you must know the direction of forward. You must know the next thing to do in your life. That thing is what will help you rise above your present challenges.

Life is an adventure, why live life like you don’t have the joystick? The best of life is not in what happened to you but in what you made happen. Think on these things and arrive at a verdict.

Reason to be mentally sound: if you don’t go forward to make something you like happen, things you don’t want will keep happening to you


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