It’s a book, not just a blog

This blog is designed in a very special and unique way. The strength and power of it is not in the individual posts (even though that is phenomenal), but in when you put all the posts together. Think of this blog as a book and each post as a page. Each post is like a single broomstick but the whole thing comes together to form a broom. The impact and usefulness of a single broomstick is narrow but that of a broom cannot be negligible. Now I don’t mean you must read all of my posts (which is good if you will do it) but I’m saying you must read enough for mind to get a grip of these things.

The blog has over 50 posts as at when this was written. If you see the content as something that’s very useful to you, then give it a room in your mind. Just because you’ve read a post once doesn’t mean that’s the end to it. Read again. I can assure you if you read the same post one week apart, you will see or learn something different that you didn’t learn or see the previous time. Read again and again. There are so many things in information fighting for your attention in the world today. So when you find a good quality content, you have to consciously shove it down your own throat. I believe this blog has the quality and quantity you desire, so take full advantage of it. It is wisdom to go for quantity where you find quality.

Progress is not accidental, it is deliberate. There are three categories in this blog. The first is inspiration – where posts that are inspiring in nature are. The second is action point – where posts that gives specific steps or actions to be taken by the reader is. And the third is special – where posts that are foundational and critical to life and its meaning are. All three are very key in the overall communication of this blog. But if you by any means miss the posts on inspiration, don’t miss the other two. Your progress in life might just depend on it.

Reason to be mentally sound: because progress is deliberate


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