The Challenge upgraded


In May I started this blog as a path towards the wellbeing of people with mental health challenges. It’s been well over a month now and it’s important to take stock to look whether the purpose of the blog is being achieved. This blog was quite experimental and I wanted to see the kind of result it would get. I wasn’t expecting so much in a rush, my interest was in seeing consistent readership and I saw that. When someone reads something and comes back for more later means the information is of value. However, you would understand from the knowledge of my writings that it’s difficult to walk out of a problem which you have an overpowering diagnosis. The first step into wholeness is getting rid of the diagnosis. And then the focus should be becoming more healthy and whole not becoming less sick. So if you have any mental health challenge you have to redefine yourself with this blog that you are not mentally unhealthy, rather your mind is currently confused, disorganized or in need of direction for progress.

From now on I am not addressing the issue of mental health instead I’ll be talking in the direction of why you can, why you should and how you can make progress in life. This will result in magnifying and multiplying health, life and soundness in the mind. The posts will be directed towards minds that are distorted (for any reason) to bring clarity, satisfy curiosity,  bring organization, arrangement and understanding. There will be special ideas on social and communication innovation – you’ll love it. But in all this, the object of the blog still remain as bringing information that is worth thinking on to generate a forward and positive action. The ‘reason to be mentally sound’ footnote will be replaced with ‘why you can’or a quote to think on as the post requires. I have this guarantee that if you take to heart the information in here and take the thought seriously, your life will go forward from one level of progress to another.

The blog schedule will still be 4:45pm CST (5:45pm CDT, 10:45pm GMT) every day until the day my mission trip begins. The categories will remain the same. The previous posts remain because they are still very much relevant and I believe they will be a good resource for anyone who reads them at any time.

I don’t believe in wishes because there is no principle that backs them up to make them produce results consistently. However I do have expectations for this blog, apart from the impact it has on the reader. And that is to have the opportunity to influence people who are known as influential in the world today.

You can reach out on twitter (@the_inChrist) for questions and subject matters you want light on. Feel free to start a conversation. And you can just send ‘PRV’ to me and I’ll follow you so that you can share something private via DM (direct messaging). Remember to keep it short, straight to the point and simple. I am not online at all times but no matter the case I should respond within 24 hours.


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