Improve your vocabulary

Words are a very important constituent of life. I have observed that a person’s life can be limited by his vocabulary. You might be wondering how that is possible. Your communication with others determine how they perceive you and if you don’t have the right words to express yourself, there’s going to be a problem.

Today, I’m introducing a new word to you. The word is ‘carelocked’ and it is defined in the picture below.


Carelocked is a word to give yourself some space about a subject matter. Like if you have a matter that you are being asked to respond to and you are still unsure of how to respond or you don’t want to respond to the matter the way you currently feel about it. The word is also very useful when you don’t have enough information about an event or occurrence to respond to it at the moment you are asked. This is very significant in cases where you are very angry about something and you know that speaking in anger concerning the matter can make things go very worse quickly but at the same time, you are not expected to be quiet on the matter. This word helps you postpone your response and gives time and space to think about how best to respond.

– About the car accident, I’m still carelocked
– I didn’t talk about it then because I was carelocked
– She should be given more time because she seems carelocked
– He had that carelocked gaze on his face throughout the interview
– Question: what do you think of what going on in the country?
Answer: I’m carelocked about that

I’d love for you to make examples with this word in the comment thread. And you can as well spread the use of the word across your sphere of influence. Really looking forward to see your sentences using the new word in the comment section.


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