Where are you learning your language?

Your talk is limited by your vocabulary. You can only say what you have heard. Many would give themselves to entertainment avenues where the language is negative and wonder why they unconsciously speak these negative words. By language, I don’t mean the style of articulate communication characteristic of a particular place like English, Polish, German etc. Rather I mean the consistent manner of speech of a person. I mean the way you say what you want to say. How do you say what you want to say? What do you say when someone is getting you angry? What do you say when you want to rest and someone is disturbing you? What do you say if you accidentally spill coffee on your outfit on monday morning when you are inches away from your workplace? How do you answer when someone asks you an unnecessary question when you were annoyed about something? 

What we’re looking at here is the choice of words. Where do you get your choice of words. In English that I know of, I believe there are more than 10 ways to say what you want to say and the choice of words for each will be different. But each word used expresses a thought. And the thought is what makes the word communication. The words you use and the way you use them determines the thought that is passed on to the recipient of the communication. The thought that the recipient gets will form how the recipient will see and think of you as a person. So if you want your life to go forward, you need to know how to talk right.

You are learning your language from what you listen to. This is why you must be careful what you give your eartime. Have you seen kids watch a particular TV show where they talk in a certain way then the kids just pick it up and start talking that way? And even if you try to correct them, it’s difficult for the kids to just forget it. Unlearning is harder than learning. As it is for the kids, so it is for the adults. The only difference is that the adults many times don’t know that it is taking place with them also until they find themselves in a particular situation and they start using the language they heard somewhere.

Consciously learn your language from the right source. I, for example, have audio tapes on my device that I consciously listen to every day whether I feel like it or not, just to keep my mind in the right frame of thought and keep the right language on my lips. This way I consciously counteract every negative language I have been exposed to consciously and unconsciously during the day. You can do this also or think of someway better to deal with this issue. If your life will make progress, you have to address this.

Success can be defined as a variant of making the right decisions with the right people using the right words in communication. Your words can make favour for you like nothing else can. So, wake up and take charge of your language.  


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