It’s not hot until it’s burning

Perception is a very important aspect to life. Everything is not perception but perception is everything. Perception is what comes to your mind when you see something. I can mention a few things and ask what comes to your mind instantly when you see it. Perception for many people is formed by experience but for a dynamic life, it has to be by information.

Have you ever wondered why children nowadays can freely express themselves at a very young age? The kind of world they were born into is different. The amount of information that they come across in 2 years is what a child would come across in 5 or even 10 years few decades back. So, perception is comes by information. In many things, what you think about when you see a thing is what someone told you. And they may have been wrong. The thing about a wrong perception is that it robs you of something great and you will not know that you’ve lost something. It’s like missed profits on a business you did not start. Maybe if you had thought differently about something, you would have made a bold move, you would have met someone or become connected to an enterprise. But you were perhaps blinded by your perception.

From this fact, I’d encourage you to renew or review your perception about many things. Start from the government and people in responsibility in governance. I’m not saying you should change your mind about what you think of them, I’m saying you should question what you think about them. You can take this as a measuring stick – it’s not hot until it’s burning. Don’t be quick to judge, take time to gather credible information. The person you are thinking is a devil might just be a misunderstood salesman. So, don’t conclude it’s hot until you see it and feel it burning.

Don’t just pray that you find someone that understands you, make efforts to truly understand other people.


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