Anger management ???

I have always wondered what the subject of an anger management class is. And not only that, I also think of the right those who teach there have to teach what they teach. On what principles are their points based? Anger has different origins and it is not just an attitude problem. It could be demonic, it could be traumatic, it could be an unchecked attitude, it could be a behavioral disorder that was allowed to grow from childhood.

Those whose problem are demonic, only the light of God can solve the problem and anger management classes will just be a joke. In fact, those people can be the most cooperative when they are in their normal state but the moment that devil drives them to action, they become people that defies reason. Those that have a traumatic anger problem, unless the story that produced the trauma is revisited they will find it difficult to resist it when the surge of anger comes from within. For such people, there are two ways to permanently resolve the problem. The first is for the person to have another experience (a goodly one) that is much better that can override the trauma created by the first experience. The second is for the person to revisit the story that caused the trauma and re-understand it. Here, responsibilities may also work. This means if the person has responsibilities that he connects a sense of purpose to, it can form a reason that will resist the anger.

Anger management classes can work very effectively for those with unchecked attitude. Very few people have this kind of anger issues. This kind of people can be easy to reason with and their anger problem can be easily checked since it’s their choice and attitude. It means they can control it. Those with behavioral issues in anger are the most common. Many times the problem is convincing this people that anger is not a good thing. Many times this people don’t see anything wrong in their disposition of anger and hence don’t see that they have any problems. What can solve the problem for this particular set of people is if someone, (who is truly wise) sincerely committed to their progress in life, enters their life.

Even the name gives it out – anger management. They are not solving the anger problem, they are managing it. To them, you can stay angry but you just must not exhibit any actions based on the anger. So you find a lot of people suppressing terrible anger inside them and then with time it start showing on their faces. Some find creative ways of exhibiting the anger while others just learn to stay frustrated.

If you are in any of these states of anger today, thirst for solution not for management. Anger is generally a reflection of a problem that is somewhere else. So find the root of the problem and address it. It could be a glitch in your everyday life, lifestyle, finances, family etc. Learn to get to the problem source and fix it. If you are someone that does anger management for people, I hope you have learnt something new.

Value solution over management


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