Where the less you know, the better

For many things in life, the more you know, the better. A lot of people know this and agree with it. But there is a downside – most people take that as the general rule of life. But it is very far from the truth. I’m here to tell you today that the more you know some things, the worse life gets for you. And sometimes those things baits curiosity. You have to be wise enough to channel your curiosity in the right direction.

I saw a fact recently that the daughter of a prominent past prime minister of Britain worked in a suicide prevention center and she died of suicide. That brings this point out so glaringly. The more she probably knew about suicide, the more suicide grew on her. I get amazed when people who are not in the medical profession sit down to study sicknesses in the deception of not being ignorant. They think if they know so much about it, it would not attack them. They don’t know that knowledge can be spiritual and they just might have been feeding their fears. And it is a principle of life that what a man fears is what attacks him. The more they study the sickness, the more they see how powerful it is and the more they see themselves vulnerable to it.

When I find organizations trying to help do an outreach (of any kind) to educate people about a particular sickness or range of sicknesses, I shake my head in disgust. That doesn’t solve anything. There are limitless causes of death. Of course I believe sound hygiene, personal health ethics, and so on should be taught where needed but it must not be taught under the subject of a particular sickness. What is good and noble to do should be done because it’s good and noble, not because you don’t want to be inflicted with a certain illness. A friend of one of my parents started taking natural herbs and stopped all kinds of fast food, soft drinks (and so on) in the quest to stay healthy because of all the things he heard and read. The day this man got sick, he was admitted to the hospital and was there for many days. It was very critical. Finally he got well and left the hospital. And beyond expectation, he began drinking soft drinks, eating what he wasn’t before and stopped taking herbs. When he was asked why? He said, how long will he spend on the face of the earth that he should continue punishing himself? Now that’s not a right to eat or drink as you like but there must be a reason for what you do. For things like foods and drinks, what is needed is moderation and common sense.

Stop studying sickness, instead find something that gives more life to you through study. Don’t go on a sickness awareness spree. Find something relevant to do with your life. The length of your life in this world only counts when your life is relevant. There are things you shouldn’t know. Do yourself a favour and feed your curiosity with knowledge of a positive vibe. If you decide to continue increasing your knowledge on things that leads to death, the more those things will have a hold on you.

Study what you want to have a hold on you


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